Pool Deck Pavers

Why install concrete Brick Pavers for my Swimming Pool Deck?

1) Pool Decking installed with Interlocking Pavers is a durable & upscale choice:

The most attractive Decking installation around swimming Pools are:  natural (Travertine Pavers) & handcrafted stone (Concrete Brick Pavers) by ABC PaversTravertine Pavers are luxurios and they offer only neutral and light colors to choose from. Interested on Travertine Pavers for your Pool Deck?

Concrete Brick Pavers are more economical than Travertine and the choices of Concrete Brick Paver color, patterns and texture for a Pool Deck are endless.

2) Brick Pavers – Block Pavers – Concrete Pavers – Paving stones increase your Pool Decking and Home value

Brick Pavers are also called concrete Block Pavers, Interlocking Pavers or Paving stones. ABC Pavers provides only top quality solid Interlocking concrete Paving units with the best multi-color blending system from.

Installing Pavers to your swimming pool deck is the best choice to improve your hardscape. Not only you get to enjoy a luxury Brick Paver Pool Deck but we will also increase your property value. Request a FREE ESTIMATE TODAY!

3) Interlocking Brick Pavers = Flexibility & Longevity for your Pool decking

Brick Pavers installed by ABC Pavers can be removed and easily replaced if you change your mind. Poured Concrete is much more permanent once it dries. So, depending on the type of Interlocking Paver, the long-term cost is much less than concrete.

If an area on a Brick Paver pool deck settles, becomes stained or the Paver itself fails, the affected area is re-leveled and replaced and it will still match the existing decking.

4) Interlocking Brick Pavers Don’t Crack easily.

Unlike poured concrete, which is almost guaranteed to crack at some point, a Pavers Pool Deck installed correctly by ABC Pavers will not crack. A Poured Concrete Pool deck comes in many subtly different shades, making patches noticeable and difficult to patch.

5) Brick Paver repairs are easy to Fix and redesign

Pavers are very easy to fix because they are installed piece by piece by ABC Pavers. Any issue is easily fixable by just replacing the individual Concrete Brick Paver.

More Brick Paver areas can also be easily added on to if you would like to extend your project in the future.

6) Brick Pavers are easier to Fix Underground / Utility Issues:

Unlike concrete, underground repairs are not as difficult as the Interlocking Concrete Brick Pavers are easier to disassemble. With Poured concrete installation, any issue underneath the concrete deck, such as plumbing, will be very expensive to remove & fix. It is very important to understand what you are building your deck over. ABC Pavers does not recommend concrete for your Pool decking.

7) Brick Pavers installed on Pool decks are Slip Resistant

Brick Pavers greatest advantage over concrete is in its safety. Because they are not slick, Pavers help reduce the chances of falling on wet Pool decks. ABC Pavers firmly believes safety for your family & guests is the important.


  • ABC PAVERS specializes in Concrete Brick Pavers & Travertine installation for Pool deck, Patios, Driveways, Walkways & Porch. Other contractors offer landscaping, pressure washing, concrete, tile installation…etc.  ABC Pavers specializes on designing & installing Pavers & Travertine for outdoor spaces ONLY. And we are the best at it!
  • Licensed Bonded & Insured: ABC Pavers is a Licensed, Insured and bonded contractor. Don’t risk your hard earned money in the hands of an unlicensed contractor and hope for the best. We are licensed in the state of Florida and carry general liability insurance.
  • Enjoy now, pay later: We finance! 6 months 0% interest and other options available.
  • ABC PAVERS is your Local Paver & Travertine installer contractor serving your neighborhood in Pinellas, Hillsborough & Pasco counties.


ABC PAVERS is a local Tampa Licensed, Insured & Bonded contractor who listens to your needs, works with your budget and will make your vision of an outdoor living space a reality.
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