Travertine Driveway – Walkway

ABC Pavers recommends the installation of Travertine Pavers for Driveways because natural stone is a more durable material in flooring to heavy traffic than poured concrete or even a Brick Paver Driveway.

A Travertine Paver Driveway is the most elegant choice and adds significant value to homes and commercial buildings. 

Why Install Travertine Pavers stone for my Driveway?

1) A Travertine Pavers Driveway is the most upscale “red carpet” to welcome guests at your home:

An elegant Travertine Driveway is the principal hardscape element in your Entryway.  A Travertine driveway, made form natural stones, blends very easily into your landscape design and entryway.

Travertine Pavers comes in elegant tones and bright shades of beige, white, cream and tans.

2) Travertine Stone Driveway have superior strength than poured concrete or handmade pavers: 

ABC Pavers install only 2’ thickness Travertine Pavers on Driveways to endure vehicular weight & traffic. Did you know that Travertine Pavers installed by ABC Pavers are 2x stronger than concrete? Before is harvested, each Travertine stone goes through years of exposure to intense pressure and heat. Request a FREE ESTIMATE TODAY!

3) Travertine Pavers Driveway is Slip-resistant

Travertine stone greatest advantage over concrete is in its safety. Because of its porous finish, a Driveway installed with Travertine stone will reduce the chances of falling when is wet. ABC Pavers specializes in Travertine Driveways!

Because of our tropical weather, is very important choose a Driveway finish that is not slippery, even when gets wet.  Travertine is your best choice!

4) Your Travertine Paver Driveway color wont fade: 

A natural Travertine Paver stone will not fade easily, even when its exposed to the Florida temperature extremities. Your Travertine stone driveway is resistance to discoloration.  

A Travertine Driveway installed by ABC Pavers will remain beautiful for decades. Travertine has been used for centuries as a building material.  The most famous structure built with it is the Coliseum in Rome, Italy.

How much would it cost to install Travertine for a Driveway?

ABC Pavers is a local Tampa Licensed, Insured & Bonded contractor who listens to your needs, works with your budget and will make your vision of an outdoor living space a reality. Request a FREE ESTIMATE TODAY!
You won’t be disappointed.


  • ABC PAVERS specializes in Travertine & brick Pavers installation for Driveways, Pool deck, Patios, Walkways & Porch. Other contractors offer landscaping, pressure washing, concrete, tile installation…etc.  ABC Pavers specializes on designing & installing Pavers & Travertine for outdoor spaces ONLY. And we are the best at it!
  • Licensed Bonded & Insured: ABC Pavers is a Licensed, Insured and bonded contractor. Don’t risk your hard earned money in the hands of an unlicensed contractor and hope for the best. We are licensed in the state of Florida and carry general liability insurance.
  • Enjoy now, pay later: We finance! 6 months 0% interest and other options available.
  • ABC PAVERS is your Local Paver & Travertine installer contractor serving your neighborhood in Pinellas, Hillsborough & Pasco counties.


ABC PAVERS is a local Tampa Licensed, Insured & Bonded contractor who listens to your needs, works with your budget and will make your vision of an outdoor living space a reality.
Request a FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! You won’t be disappointed.