Patio Pavers & Firepits

Why choose Brick Pavers for a Patio or Deck installation?

1) Extend your outdoor living with a Patio Pavers

A Brick Pavers Patio or Patio Deck is the stage for backyard parties, cookouts or your family relaxing outdoor space. ABC Pavers will transform a backyard or deck into the outdoor living space you always wanted: Your dream Patio Pavers. Forget about poured concrete that cracks or a grass that needs to be mowed. Request a FREE ESTIMATE TODAY!

 2) Enhance a Landscape with ABC Pavers Hardscape elements

If you already invested on beautiful landscaping on your backyard, adding Paving stones and a Brick concrete Patio Pavers will enhance your outdoor living. A Patio Pavers (or Travertine Patio) installed by ABC Pavers invites you and your family to enjoy the outdoors.

Patio Deck transformation by ABC Pavers: From muddy areas to gorgeous curved pathways. We have many brick Paver colors to choose from.

3) Increase your Property Value with a Patio made of Concrete Brick Pavers

A Backyard or Deck Patio Paver create a valuable connection between the indoors and the outdoors. Installing a Paver Patio is a type of project that expands and enhances your outside living area. As a result, a new Paver patio increases the value of your home, making it one of the best home investment. Request a FREE ESTIMATE TODAY!  

According to the 2018 Remodeling Impact study by the National Association of REALTORS* , some Realtors said the project most recently sealed a deal for them, resulting in a closed transaction. Make your outdoor living appearance more attractive to your family and guests. Or your buyers, if you are selling your home.

4) Get social, invite your family and friends over and enjoy a gathering in your new Installed Patio Paver

Backyards are slowly being transformed as alternative living spaces. ABC Pavers will transform that Backyard or Deck into your own Patio Paver, the go-to place for relaxation, cooking and entertainment.

Using Concrete Brick Pavers for Patios is becoming more and more popular in the United States, specially in Florida. Why? Brick Pavers projects offer affordability, strength, and durability. 

5) Add a Brick Firepit or Paver bench wall to your Hardscape

Firepits and fireplaces are a focal point for your outdoor living space. ABC Pavers will install a Paver Patio and other hardscape elements to provide a charming venue for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends.

A Patio Paver already create entertaining area. By adding Paver Steps, you are adding a comfortable transitions from one level to the other. And the fun never ends!

Firepit and Patio installation by ABC Pavers. 4 row Firepit metal ring included.

6) A Professionally installation of Brick Pavers stones is the best upgrade option for a Patio.

ABC Pavers  will bring Paving stones samples of the many sizes, shapes, colors, designs and patterns available. Brick Pavers offers slip resistance and attractive finishes features that would make a Patio Deck the best upgrade you can have for your outdoor space. Request a FREE ESTIMATE TODAY!  

 7) Make that Patio Paver the best extension of your house!

Porches, decks, and brick patio Paver have become the places for personal relaxation, cooking and entertaining guests. It is not surprising to find backyards being transformed to luxurious extensions of a house.

To install a Patio or Deck is becoming more and more popular these days. Why Brick Pavers? This material offers aesthetics, durability and affordability.

References: * 2018 Remodeling Impact study by the National Association of REALTORS


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