Pavers are durable, versatile materials used for home improvement outdoor projects. They come in various sizes, colors and materials like concrete brick & travertine and are commonly used for patios, driveways, walkways, and pool decks. ABC pavers has direct accounts with Flagstone pavers, Tremron and Belgard pavers, the three top quality pavers manufacturers in the industry.
ABC PAVERS works with the leader pavers manufacturers such Flagstone, Tremron and Belgard. Pavers come in a variety of styles, colors, texture and shapes, allowing for creative and customizable designs. Your ABC PAVERS estimator would guide you on paver selection.
The Paver installation cost is influenced by factors such as the type of pavers chosen (concrete or natural stone), the size and complexity of the project, site preparation requirements, labor costs, permitting etc. For those reasons, ABC PAVERS can’t provide a quote by sq ft. The specialists at ABC pavers will provide you a free estimate with a customized quote for your specific project, just call (727) 459-8608 or request your free consultation HERE.
While some DIYers may successfully install pavers, it’s recommended to hire professional installers. Improper installation can lead to issues like sinking surfaces and drainage problems. ABC PAVERS owns commercial compactors, excavators and machinery necessary for each project. (Plus, we have the best professional installers). If not installed correctly, a paver pad will shift /crack and sink few months or weeks after installation. We are also familiar with the city/county code so you will not have to worry about being fined for the code compliance department of your jurisdiction. Let the professionals at ABC PAVERS to do it right from the beginning.
We install over existing concrete on pool decks. Por paver patios, walkways, porch, we can install thin pavers over a concrete slab, as long as it is in good condition. For driveways, the concrete must be removed to ensure the right compacted foundation and thick pavers that will handle the weight of a vehicle. Proper preparation of the base is crucial to ensure stability and longevity of your project. ABC PAVERS estimator will provide more guidance on the paver thickness for each type of project after visiting the site.
The duration depends on the size and complexity of the project. A small patio may take a few days, while a large driveway could take a week or more. If a permit is needed, we have to add between 1-4 stage inspections depending on city/county requirements). A multilevel patio with customized columns, LED lights and steps would take as much or more days than a small driveway. Our ABC Pavers estimator will be able to give you an approx. days of production timeline for your outdoor project.
We start preparing the surface, installing a 4 inch pipe for future utilities and irrigation routing, installation of base, sand and pavers and sealing (if included in your estimate). City/county Inspections and final walk thru of your project and final payment and hopefully a new 5 star review ⭐️
We Floridians, receive a lot of rain through the year. Pavers are low-maintenance, but periodic cleaning and sealing can enhance their longevity and appearance. Regular sweeping, washing, and sealing every 2-3 years are common maintenance practices as the rain washes out the sand joints and weeds may start growing. ABC Pavers will gladly provide pressure washing/sealing/sanding maintenance services after we complete your project.
1) We start with your Free Estimate. That day, your estimator will measure and note that details and conditions of your project, you typically will receive your estimate within 24 hours.

2) After the estimator answers all your questions, and you select the pavers to be used, we only need the signed paperwork, deposit and survey. And You are in our schedule!

3) Please allow 6-8 weeks to process your project. This gives us enough time for permit application (if needed) and materials ordering. Add 2 weeks for the scheduling of your project.
ABC Pavers is located in Clearwater FL and we install pavers travertine and turf installation in Clearwater and other surrounding cities. Please, feel free to reach our office at (727)459-8608 if you have any questions. 
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